Additional Content

Additional Content

Additional Content

Provide additional content for more relevance to your website. The search engines love content and therefore you should always provide your own existing content with additional content. It is usually used to refresh its content with recommendations and points to other subject-relevant content. This way, your visitors have the opportunity to discover further high-quality and sustainable content.

Additional Content

Many visitors click from one site to the next website without using a search engine. Use this surfing behavior and offer your visitors additional content in the form of recommendations. Make it the big one and get together with partners and recommend useful and topic-relevant content. This is how you make sure that your visitors are moving around in your partner network and thus possibly come back to you. Use our Content Discovery service and join our network.

Your advantages:

  • Additional content
  • More traffic for your websites
  • A platform to promote your own content
  • Targeting accurate advertising for your website
  • An excellent way to increase your popularity level
  • A free alternative to paid content discovery platforms
  • Free advertising on other websites

With us you get:

  • Free advertising on the Internet on other partner websites
  • Real visitors who are interested in your content
  • Fair and dynamic exchange rates
  • Targeting accurate advertising for your website
  • Audience-targeted targeting of your content
  • Statistics in real time
  • Access to our API
  • Easy integration with our Wordpress plug-in

Content Discovery

With our Content Discovery System you get additional content, but also traffic or new visitors. Because we ensure that your content is offered on the other partner sites as additional content. Our system ensures that, in a balanced relationship, more reach is generated for all partners.

Created for more commitment

With our API you can always serve the needs of your users.

Additional Content

Provide additional content for more relevance to your website.

Content recommendations

Optimieren Sie die Content-Empfehlungen in Übereinstimmung mit Ihren redaktionellen und geschäftlichen Zielsetzung

Content Discovery

Our technology is driven by the desire to strengthen your core product: the content on your websites.

Your campaigns

Scale your campaigns with additional content for your own media and the entire Internet.

Additional Traffic

After your free registration, simply add your personal code for your additional content into your website. In turn, we will be showing your content on other members' websites, thus significantly improving your popularity and generating targeted traffic.

Individual adaptation to your website:

With our API, you can customize the delivered content to your own website layout.

Wordpress plugin:

With our Wordpress plugin you can even participate without any programming knowledge in our system.

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